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Polaris ATV tracks

Polaris / November 11, 2020

There are many different track systems out on the market now. The first thing to consider is how or where you will be riding. Currently all systems are 4-season systems with most customers using in early fall through late spring when ground conditions can be very soft or slippery due to mud, snow, slush, ice, etc. First thing to look at is the frame that holds everything together, it should be sturdy tubular design so as to not flex and cause derailment. Next thing to consider is the gearing options so as to ensure that the tracks can be geared precisely to your machines HP. Another item to consider that is often overlooked or unknown to purchaser is the adaptability for switching machines in future, this can prevent having to sell and buy a new set or for better re-sale purposes as it broadens the amount of buyers. Track systems offered through the OEM's (Polaris, Can Am, Arctic Cat) can not be mounted to other manufacturer's like the Company's that build them for these OEM's (Camoplast, Kimpex or TJD). Finally, consider the warranty and what dealers actually carry parts. The best systems carry a 2 year or better warranty

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