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Polaris / April 8, 2019

For tests at ATV Rider.com we let the manufacturers tell you about the features and inserted periodically within them we let you know how it really works.


Here’s what polaris says; Polaris is redesigning, renewing and reintroducing its flagship lineup of big bore Sportsman® ATVs to offer a perfect blend of features and performance for an all-new Sport/Utility experience. The vehicles have a new rider-active design for the most sport-like experience ever on a Sportsman, in addition to delivering even more utility. In addition to the standard models, the Sportsman XP 1000 is available in an ultra- premium Hunter Edition package and Matte Copper Limited Edition. You can also get this 1000cc engine in the 2-seat touring model, the High Lifter edition and in the Scrambler sport 4X4.

Built for performance-minded Sport/Utility consumers who want an ATV predominately for recreation and no compromise for working, the new Sportsman XP 1000 is the most-powerful and fastest-accelerating (0-30 mph/0-48.3 kph in 2.14 seconds) Sportsman ever. Its 91- horsepower, electronic fuel injected (EFI) ProStar® 952cc engine delivers smooth, precise power, thanks to its drive-by-wire technology. Coupled with the engine is the most versatile transmission for pure sport and utility. The transmission offers a fast high gear along with the most versatile low gear, ideal for high-torque recreation and utility situations, such as technical riding in rocks and mud, and utilitarian needs such as towing and hauling.

It's fast. In performance mode it gets to 70MPH quick and want to keep going. We ran out of room to get a top speed number but 80MPH is not too far fetched. It's not going to wheelie over backwards on you, but you can get the front end light to clear obstacles with ease.

The all-new and exclusive Three-Mode Throttle Control, standard on the Sportsman XP 1000, gives the rider ultimate control of the power delivery for the best riding experience in any situation. The operator can choose from three modes: Performance for faster acceleration and aggressive trail and sport riding; Standard for a traditional blend of torque and performance; and Work for smooth power delivery ideal for work tasks, hunting and cruising. The tri Mode set up is only available on the standard XP1000's not the touring or HighLifter Edition.

The Standard and Performance settings are very similar. Work tops out at around 45MPH and is great for chores and slow riding. Performance puts you into warp speed. Use with caution.

To complement the power, the new Sportsman XP 1000 suspension and chassis is designed for true sport/utility performance. The proven XP chassis has the highest front- and rear-approach angles to maximize ground clearance in extreme terrain. The vehicle’s industry-leading, dual a- arm front suspension with anti-kickback steering provides 9 in. (22.86 cm) of travel; while the exclusive rolled Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) and tuned torsion bar provide 10.25 in. (26.04 cm) of rear travel for the smoothest ride. New, constant-radius, arched lower control arms allow for significantly more useable ground clearance to tackle tough trail conditions. The sport-tuned, variable assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) automatically adjusts based on riding conditions for effortless low-speed technical maneuvers, and excellent rider feel and control at high speeds. For the ultimate handling in all conditions, the high-performance All- Wheel Drive (AWD) system with the Engine Braking System (EBS) and Active Descent Control (ADC) ensure enhanced traction in a wide variety of off-road terrain in all seasons.

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