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Polaris ATV Fenders

Polaris / August 19, 2016

A rugged, go-anywhere all-terrain vehicle like the models in the Polaris Sportsman line can be subject to some pretty harsh conditions, and that means that some parts might break or snap off and need to be replaced. When you find yourself in this situation, you may be in the market for one of the Polaris Sportsman plastic parts such as a front, rear, or side fender. Other plastic parts for this series of ATVs includes factory-installed parts such as front hoods and aftermarket accessories that can be added to the vehicle, including hard-top plastic hoods that can offer some protection from the elements and shade from the sun. If you need to replace one of these plastic parts on your Polaris Sportsman, it may be possible to find the exact part you need in a color that will match the rest of the parts on your ATV, whether that color is black, yellow, red, or camouflage print. There is a vast inventory of Polaris Sportsman plastic parts and accessories on eBay, including a wide range of options for different models in the Sportsman line.