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Polaris 2 stroke ATV

Polaris / October 12, 2016

38 TMX Flatslide Carb Kit The 38 TMX flatslide carb delivers 30% more air to your engine. Roost the competition with quicker acceleration and 5 more HP on top. 350, 400's.
TMX Carb Kits
Polaris Scram, Spt, Xpl 95-97 ACA30016 $299 Polaris Scram, Spt, Xpl 98-02 ACA30019 $299 Polaris 400 Trailblazer 2003 ACA30019 $299
42 TMX Flatslide Carb Kit For ultimate ATV power. Our 42 TMX taperbore carb delivers 20% more top end flow than the 38 TMX. Recommended for ported cylinders and big bore kits. All 400 models ACA30018 $349
Polaris ATV - Reed Valves Boyesen RAD Valve For smooth bottom end & hard hitting midrange power, the Boyesen RAD valve is the hot setup. Adds 4 HP. Thru 03 ATC30023 $195 Replacement Petals ATC30023RP $55
Boyesen Double Reeds Mounts on your stock cage. Boosts power and throttle response thru the powerband.
V Force Power Reeds Twin cages double the reed area for aggressive midrange and top end. The extra flow capacity works great with ported cylinders, big bore kits and high revving racing engines. Adds 4 HP. Thru 03 ACA30022 $159 Replacement petals ACA30029 $65 Reed Spacer Kit Move the reed block out and get more bottom end torque. ACA30023