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Parts / April 3, 2018

polaris rzr 900 pink l f 3 qtrsIf you haven’t heard of Peg Perego, you probably haven’t been paying attention—at least not to riding toys for toddlers and babies. This Italian-based company has been at the forefront of baby products since its inception in 1949, when a father realized the need for a more adaptable baby carriage. The first “convertible” baby stroller was born, that moved from baby carriage to stroller and back again, in 1949.

Since then, this innovative family-run company has focused on providing both tradition and innovation to customers. In the 1970s, this meant inventing the first riding toys, and their riding toys have continued to lead the pack ever since. Their introduction of the first 12-volt riding toys for toddlers in 1982 was the first the industry had seen of a two-speed riding toy with that much power; now, riding toys for kids of all ages follow this popular industry standard.

Riding Toys for Toddlers and All Ages

Peg Perego PartsPeg Perego offers multiple lines of ride on toys for toddlers and older children, beginning with their preschool line. These fun toys offer a stable, non-threatening option for the smallest kids in your home, including ride-on trains on tracks that can be used inside. Their high performance line comes next, which includes the more traditional toys that you have come to expect, including John Deere tractors, with or without trailers or front loaders, quads, dune buggies, and even small Italian sportscars. You can also choose super power or pedal/chain drive options as well, for older kids who want their ride on toys to be as real as possible. Peg Perego’s continuing commitment to quality means that every step of the process is within their control, which leads to excellence in materials and manufacturing. When you buy a product from this Italian company, you have more than five decades of experience and thoughtful innovation at your service.