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Mudlite ATV Tires

Atv Tires / December 11, 2020

ITP Mudlite II Tires

ITP Mudlite II Tires

ITP Mudlite 2 Tires.
  • Redesigned tread pattern provides better traction,
    improves mud clean-out and maximizes ride comfort
  • Improved shoulder protection, mud breaking lugs and
    stabilizing tendons to reduce flex

ITP Mud Lite UTV ATV Tires

Mud Lite utv/atv tires Unique center tread contact area provides a smooth, radial-like ride. ITP Mud Lite ATV tires are Pure trail tire handling combines with pure mud tire performance. Angled shoulder lugs provide unmatched mud traction. ITP utv Mud Lite ATV tires has 6-ply rating for unmatched durability.ITP Mud Lite Tires Ideal for OEM replacement in the deep-lug XL model.

Revolutionary all-condition tire: its a mud tire that's designed for the trail, a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them.

Tread Height
SP =1/2"

Mud Lite AT

ITP Mud Lite AT TiresITP Mud Lite SP

Mud Lite XL

ITP Mud Lite XTR Tires

Industry's first Extreme Terrain Radial tire. Combines the technology of Mud Lite and 589M/S to produce the smoothest riding mud tire on the market today. Super-aggressive tread design features deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction. Available in 2 diameters to tailor specific riding requirements. 12" option is ideal for primarily muddy conditions, offering better flex and more floatation. 14" model is excellent all-around trail/mud choice with its lower-profile sidewall providing sportier handling and reduced flex. Radial construction means the Mud Lite XTR rides smoothly and finds more traction than a bias-ply tire because of a larger contact patch. Light in weight yet still 6-ply tough.