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Lightest ATV Mud Tire

Atv Tires / June 9, 2015

Your son has worked for the last two years mowing the neighbors lawns in order to purchase a used off road utility vehicle with size 14 ATV tires. You never realized how important the size of the tires was until you helped him search through a vast array of tires from the reliable sellers on eBay for a new set of ATV tires 26 14. He explained to you in earnest that the size 14" diameter wheels offer a bolder look and provide a crisper steering response. He became quite excited when he came across a deal on a brand new set of ATV mud tires 14, which would allow him to take his ATV into more daring courses. The day the tires arrived was a busy one for you both. Your son was right about picking the ATV that he did, because with the new set of Monster Mayhem tires his ride looked fierce. Your son shocked you when he offered to let you take it for a spin first, and you found it fascinating that the deep lug tread design of the size 14 ATV tires gripped the mud perfectly, while it still ran smoothly on the harder trail surfaces.