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Lake Murray ATV Park

Types Of Atv / August 4, 2018

I have been to Lake Murray state park 10-15 times. I was riding dirt bikes there when I was ten or eleven, back when the parking lot was dirt/gravel and you just set up camp. No fences, no pavement, no showers etc. Good ol days...

I have stayed in the cabins 5-10 times. They are very simple, if you are looking for something with a cushy bed and granite countertops, spend 300 dollars a night somewhere at beavers bend. The sofa pull out beds(last time I went) are not very comfortable at all. Bring an air mattress or two and some extra blankets. Also bring an ice chest, your own groceries and firewood. You will save a lot of money.

The apple bin place is pretty good, the mini golf is kinda cool, the hiking trails are very cool, and quite long. The stable or whatnot has some nice guys and guided trail rides that are pretty fun. The water is usually clear, heck my dad trained to scuba dive there. There is a bus or taxi or something at the bottom of the lake i forget. Never played the golf course, looks decent though. Never had a problem with the cabins, yeah sometimes they weren't the cleanest or something was a little sketchy, but the place is 100% worth coming to.

I have not been to the cabins in a few years, so if they have been re-done like I have heard tell, they may be even better. They are simple, if your significant other likes coach purses and tile showers, it's probably a better place for a guys weekend with a few 24 packs.I see no reason to stay in the lodge when you can have your own little cabin thing with the outdoor grill and firepit. Do not waste money on firestarters because there should be a ton of leaves and sticks to start your fire.

The dirt bike riding trails are the best within a 2-3 hour radius of the DFW area besides Red River motorcylce trails(the one near turtle hill golf course). Rocky ridge and marshall creek are terrible. There are quite a few trails, I have been on every single one. The woods are thick and the trails are winding and usually quite pretty. A little bit of sand, mud clay etc. There is a section of hills or what i call bowls near the lake(red/brown clay and steep erosion made into some up and down hills). takes some exploring to find. If you are looking for jumps this is not the place for you. there are maybe four jumps in the whole place, and none of them very good. There are not many campsites at the dirt bike riding area- which is NOT at the state park itself-15 minutes away-. There are pay showers at the dirt bike riding place which is nice, and a playground. There are guys that will absolutely fly on some of the main trails or near the entrance so be careful if you are riding with kids. The trails themselve are more geared towards four wheelers, but either way is fine.

In summary, you get what you pay for(similar to getting a 40 dollar a night hotel), bring your kids, bring a plethora of your own groceries and firewood, bring the dirt bikes and atvs, mountain bikes and hiking shoes because this place has it all. Spend a day riding dirt bikes/atvs and spend a day hiking and exploring.

Room Tip: Skip the lodge, rent a cabin.

Source: www.tripadvisor.com