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Honda Odyssey Pilot ATV

Honda / January 21, 2020

Honda's always been an interesting company, even if they have, on occasion, made some pretty boring cars. But even when they do make dull, somewhat uninspiring vehicles, those very same vehicles are named after some pretty radical ancestors. I'm talking about the Odyssey and Pilot.

Even the addition of an integrated vacuum cleaner isn't enough to make many people passionate about the honest wallflower of a minivan that is the Odyssey, but did you know that Honda's original vehicle named "Odyssey" was this radical ATV thing?

Yep, from 1976-1984 a Honda Odyssey wasn't something you safely toted your kids back and forth from soccer practice in, it was something that let your kids tear ass like a maniac all over the place and possibly lose a finger or two. The original Odyssey was a lot like a tiny sand rail, with a two-stroke engine of up to 349cc. Some models had curvy yellow bodywork with a tall, narrow rollcage, topped by a spotlight. Pretty much the exact opposite of what most of us think of when we think "Honda Odyssey."

After the Odyssey was discontinued, its place in the dunes and dirt was filled by the Pilot, which many of you know as the other deeply, profoundly boring car/SUV made by Honda. But before the Pilot was that almost invisible never-goes-offroad-offroader, it was a genuinely offroadable rugged-looking little tube-framed, 400cc monster.

So unless Toyota is secretly making an amphibious rocketplane called the Camry, I think it's a pretty safe bet that Honda has the most radically different vehicles sharing the same name of any car company ever.

Source: jalopnik.com