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Honda ATV 500 Rubicon

Honda / January 22, 2021

Standing at your kitchen window, you squint through the trees, watching a bright red object coming at you from the forest. No, it is not Little Red Riding Hood, just your crazy husband going over the hills and through the woods on his Honda TRX 500. These ATVs feature a rugged look with four sturdy rubber tires and solid steel wheels. Deep grooves on the tire surfaces help these off-road machines get a grip, even on the roughest terrain. They come with plastic and aluminum frames; plastic sheds excess weight and is among the most weather-resistant materials, making it a good choice for a vehicle that likes to climb hills and play outdoors. Vinyl and synthetic materials form the front and rear fenders, which give tires plenty of clearance, ensuring they do not accumulate mud and debris. The Honda TRX 500 comes with sky-high front and rear suspension systems, letting you emerge from typically jaw-breaking landings unscathed and cruise over rocky terrain with ease. A custom exhaust system tapers to a steel pipe, which rests, sheltered, under the back of the vehicle. These ATVs are fun to ride but require some maintenance. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can search for all of the Honda TRX 500 Rubicon parts that you need, ensuring days of endless off-road adventures.

Source: www.ebay.com