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Goodyear ATV Tires

Atv Tires / February 6, 2015

Goodyear ATV run-flat tires are high performance tires with a remarkable extra feature: if needed, they can operate for limited distances at very low or zero inflation. So, even with a total loss of air pressure, ATV run-flats let you continue driving at least 50 miles at 25mph* until you can secure proper maintenance.

In addition, run-flat tires:

Are compatible with any ATV wheel, new or used
Can be repaired easily, following standard repair procedures
Have a lower inflation requirement for a smooth, comfortable ride

The Mud Runner offers a combination of excellent traction and superior durability thanks to its one-inch tread depth and paddle-shaped lugs that tear through mud. Like any good amphibian, the Mud Runner is completely at home in the mud. The computer-enhanced tread design keeps it from clogging, while the slotted lugs give it more biting edge to help prevent you from getting bogged down.

With its unique ability to thrive in the mud, its rugged, puncture-resistant tread, Goodyear's Mud Runner is unquestionably king of the swamp.

Goodyear Press Release:

Goodyear Mud Runner Run-Flat Tames All Terrain

The Mud Runner(R) Run-Flat, a remarkable ATV tire produced by Goodyear Dunlop Tires of North America, can be ridden* up to 50 miles even with a gaping two-inch hole.

The Mud Runner Run-Flat can be repaired like any ATV tire and is compatible with any ATV wheel, new or used. No special tools or wheel assembly is required. If you're a farmer, hunter, outdoor sports enthusiast or just your average swamp rat, you'll really appreciate what the remarkable new Mud Runner Run-Flat can do for you. Here is a summary of the features of the Mud Runner Run-Flat:

- Designed specifically for the muddiest conditions imaginable.
- Advanced tread rubber compound and computer-enhanced tread design prevents clogging.
- One-inch tread depth and paddle-shaped lugs tear through mud.
- Slotted lugs provide more biting edge to maintain momentum.
- Four-ply construction enhances tire longevity while providing excellent puncture resistance.
- Reinforced sidewall utilizes an extra-thick molded insert that is extremely difficult to puncture.
- Extra-strong sidewall maintains its shape and driving capability even after sustaining damage that would make ordinary ATV tires undrivable.
- *Can be ridden at 25 mph for up to 50 miles even with a gaping two-inch hole.
- Designed for 300cc-plus ATVs to handle the punishment of higher speeds.
- Centerline riding pads ensure a smooth ride in all conditions.

The Mud Runner Run-Flat is available in these sizes: AT25-8-12, AT25-10-12 and AT25-11-10. For more information, including sizing, visit an ATV dealer or go to

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