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Parts / January 3, 2020

5 Essential ATV and Quad Parts Every Driver Must HaveATVs, also called quads, are popular recreational vehicles, and they can be customised and outfitted with a high number of parts and accessories. One of the best investments for an owner of an ATV is new tyres. These are created in several different styles to help riders gain traction on a variety of surfaces, including sand and mud. Several parts can also be purchased to improve the air and exhaust flow of an engine. Air filters and intakes are easy to install and relatively inexpensive, and several types of exhaust systems are also available. Add these parts to a vehicle for improved power and performance. Handlebars and hand rests can be purchased to increase the rider's stability, control of the vehicle, and overall safety. Buyers can also find graphics kits to customise their vehicle and enhance its appearance.

Parts for ATVs and quads can be purchased from auto parts stores, dealerships, and online sellers. Many websites specialise in the sale of parts and accessories for ATVs, and can be used to find replacement and aftermarket parts. Marketplaces like eBay also have listings, and buyers can choose between new and used items on the site. Consider the full range of parts available, and choose items to enhance the performance and appearance of a quad.

1. Tyres

One of the most important parts on a quad is the tyres. Tyres for ATVs are produced with different treads to accommodate a variety of terrains and driving styles. They are also created in varying sizes to match specific vehicles. Buyers should begin by choosing the type of tyre they would like, and then find the appropriate size.

Tyre Types

There are four primary tyre types for quads, including All-terrain, mud, sand, and road tyres. The following chart offers a brief description of each kind.

Tyre Type



Suitable for those who enjoy riding on different surfaces; those who would like to avoid changing tyres each time. Good on any surface, but not great for racing or serious riding.


Designed with widely spaced, deep tread for digging into soft terrain. Not suitable for riding on hard pack or other solid surfaces.


Also designed with wide tread. The rear tyres have distinctive, paddle-like ridges to gain traction in sand. Best used in sand only.


Smoother, even tread for driving comfortably on paved surfaces. Saves other types of tyres from wear due to road driving.

In general, it is best to use tyres only for the type of riding they are designed for. This is especially true for mud and sand tyres that can have their deep treads worn away quickly on hard surfaces.


It is important to consider the size of ATV tyres while shopping. Tyre sizes are listed with three numbers, and there is a standard format for how these appear. The first number represents the height of the tyre, the second is the width, and the third number is the diameter of the tyre's rim. All measurements are in inches. For example, a tyre listed as 19 x 9 - 8 is 19 inches high, nine inches wide, and has an eight-inch rim.

It is important to match a tyre's size to the ATV. However, there is usually a little room to change sizes from the stock tyres without making alterations to the vehicle. For example, buyers looking for extra size can choose products that are one inch higher than the stock tyres without adding a lift kit to the quad. Buyers who are unsure of the size of the vehicle's stock tyres can find information online for nearly every ATV and quad produced.

2. Suspension

How well a quad handles is dependent on its suspension and shock absorbers. One of the most important considerations while shopping for suspension parts on quads is the width of the arms. Wide arms improve stability at the cost of cornering, while short arms improve performance on narrow paths. Aftermarket parts are available to improve performance for all types of riding, including sand, off road, and hard pack.

3. Exhaust and Air Flow

The engine of an ATV depends on a mixture of air and fuel for its power. The more air and fuel an engine gets, the more powerful it is. There are several parts available that can help buyers improve airflow in their vehicle's engines, including air filters. Replacing the air filter on a vehicle helps keep an engine stay clean by reducing the amount of dirt and debris.

4. Handlebars and Foot Rests

The handlebars and foot rests on an ATV or quad are important for stability and safety. A high number of aftermarket products can be purchased to replace stock parts, and are made from durable materials like stainless steel. Buyers can also find accessories like nerf bars to help them climb on and off the vehicle. Rods and bars can be outfitted to a vehicle to protect it against damage from branches and other objects. For example, foot rests for a rear passenger can be attached to protective bars for the rear fender.