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Best Radial ATV Tires

Atv Tires / April 15, 2018

vendor.quadboss.446-radial-tire.on-polaris-rzr.riding-through-mud.jpgThere’s no way around it. You are going to replace your stock tires someday, but don’t wait until they are completely worn down to the carcass. Changing to a tire that fits your riding style and the terrain where you normally ride is one of the best ways to improve your machine. Recently we changed out the tires on our trusty RZR we use for the trails, and our do-it-all, hard working Ranger. Why hadn’t we done this earlier?


vendor.quadboss.446-radial-tire.on-polaris-rzr.riding-on-path.jpgTrail riding takes a toll on tires quick, especially in some of the parks we normally visit like the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, Hatfield McCoy, or Rush off-road. The combination of hard pack trails and sharp, rocky sections both wear down the leading edge quickly, and can puncture or cut exposed sidewalls. We’ve cut more than one tire on sharp rocks buried in the trail. The QUADBOSS 446 Radial Utility tire was designed to eliminate that problem.

You don’t have to be a trail rider to appreciate the benefits of the QUADBOSS 446 tire. Anybody looking for a smooth riding, highly durable tire will appreciate its features.vendor.quadboss.446-c-radial-tire.scoville-boss-wheels.jpg The 446 is a fully radial tire which gives three main benefits: it helps maintain consistent shape and dimension, it makes it extremely resistant to punctures, and it offers a smoother ride. Highlights of the 446 tire are:

  • Ultra-durable, 8-ply radial carcass
  • Radial casing with over-center tread design for super smooth ride
  • Extremely puncture resistant
  • vendor.quadboss.447-a-tire.scoville-boss-wheels.on-polaris-ranger-parked-on-trail.jpg¾" tread depth
  • Versatile tread patterns perform well in soft to hard pack conditions
  • Non-directional tread design works regardless of how they are mounted.

Just like with catchers mitts, cash in your wallet, and chocolate cake, thicker is better, and the same goes for tires. The QuadBoss 446 Radial Utility tire has a tough, 8-ply inner carcass for durability, but the tread pattern was also designed both for traction and protection. About the only drawback to 8-ply tires is the extra weight. For smaller displacement machines that could mean extra wear on your CVT belt or driveline, but on our 1000cc RZR it wasn’t a big deal.

vendor.quadboss.447-qbt-tire.scoville-boss-wheels.jpg vendor.quadboss.447-c-qbt-tire.scoville-boss-wheels.jpg

Source: atvillustrated.com