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Atv Riding / September 17, 2019

Northern NH Set to Ride the Wilds: 1, 000-plus Miles of Interconnected OHRV Trails Open May 23

Largest trail system in the northeast offers extraordinary opportunities for OHRV enthusiasts and novices alike to explore northern NH’s scenic, natural beauty

LANCASTER, NH – Northern New Hampshire’s Ride the Wilds trail network—1, 000-plus miles of interconnected OHRV trails— will officially open for the 2016 season Monday, May 23, weather permitting. One of the largest OHRV trail networks in the country, spanning the entirety of New Hampshire’s Coos County, Ride the Wilds is America’s premier destination for experienced OHRV enthusiasts and those wishing to learn in the eastern United States.

“The Ride the Wilds trail network offers more than 1, 000 miles of interconnected riding in stunningly beautiful New Hampshire settings, ” said Stephen Clorite, President of the North Country OHRV Coalition, the organization that facilitates the Ride the Wilds initiative. “Beyond the sheer size and breathtaking scenery, what makes this trail network a national destination for OHRV riders is that it affords easy and convenient access to restaurants, local shops, gas stations and other northern New Hampshire destinations by allowing riders to drive on many local roads.”

The Ride the Wilds network, which provides three seasons of riding, offers an endless array of options for starting and stopping points, from Berlin, Gorham, Milan and Errol on the eastern side of the county, through Millsfield and Dixville in the middle, to the Connecticut River towns of Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Colebrook, Stratford, Groveton and Lancaster to the north and west. All towns within the Ride the Wilds trail system allow OHRVs on specified roads to access services like food, gas and lodging, or to connect with other sections of trail. Riders should look for “OHRV Permitted” signs on open sections of highway. The connectivity allows riders to explore the trail network, without trailering, on multi-day excursions through New Hampshire’s mountains, pastures, and dense forest.

The new Ride the Wilds website,, which launched earlier this year, offers information on the trail system itself, locations to park and access trails, detailed trail maps, information on registering your OHRV in New Hampshire, where to find food and fuel along the trails, shops for renting an OHRV, or taking a guided tour and much more.

“With Ride the Wilds, the options are endless and that is what makes this trail network so special, ” said Karl Stone, Marketing Manager for New Hampshire Grand, the official visitor information source for the Great North Woods and the Northern White Mountains. “Ride the Wilds has become a marquee attraction for New Hampshire’s Grand North, drawing travelers from all over the northeast and the eastern part of the country. Riders can explore the unmatched scenic beauty of northern New Hampshire, and easily connect with the Grand North’s array of attractions, lodging, dining and shopping opportunities—without ever needing to trailer their OHRV.”