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ATV Spring Compressor

Types Of Atv / February 21, 2017

I bought this because I needed to change my rear shock spring and the the dealers wanted 3X the price of this gadget to do change the spring for me with the shock already off the bike. For the money this is a no-brainer, but there was nothing comparable that I could find to fit motorcycle springs.

It's gonna wear out eventually. The rubber on the hooks took some serious wear from a single use. Without the rubber on the hooks there'd be nothing to keep them from spinning around the spring...more on that below.

This thing is NOT easy to use. With the slightest difference in compression on each side, the less compressed side wants to walk its way around to the other side. The only way I could stop this was to mount the side NOT being tightened in a vice and crank the other screw, while always leaving the clamped side slightly less compressed to keep them still. The one not clamped in the vice must be held in place by a large vice grip or a large pair of channel locks. It takes a LOT of grip/torque to hold it still while tightening or it will spin around to the clamped side pretty fast.

I've been rather critical, but keep in mind...1) how often will I used this? 2) there isn't anything any better out there under $100. 3) if you're changing your own shock springs, you know your way around a garage and this won't be too difficult for you to use.