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ATV Riding Trails

Atv Riding / June 18, 2017

OHVs and campers at siteNorth Carolina's national forests offer four trail systems for riding off-highway vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, 4-wheel-drive and trail bikes.

Within these areas, you must stay on signed routes marked with symbols showing the kind of vehicle you're driving. Some routes are badly eroded and are closed. Help nature restore these trails by not riding on them. For the most fun, choose trails that match operating limitations of you and your vehicle. Most areas have maps that show trail difficulty.

Please follow these enforced forest regulations for treading li...

Please follow these enforced forest regulations for treading lightly on the land:

  • ATV and motorcycle operators must wear DOT-approved helmets and eye protection.
  • Children under 8 may not operate ATVs or motorcycles. An operator under 16 must have constant supervision by an adult over the age of 18.
  • No passengers are allowed on ATVs, unless vehicles are deigned to carry passengers.
  • Unlicensed vehicles are not allowed on designated Forest Service roads.
  • Spark arresters, mufflers, and brakes are required for motorized vehicles.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all trail systems or in recreation areas.
  • Travel only on OHV designated routes. Cross-country travel is prohibited.

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OHV Trail Riding Areas

  • Croatan National Forest

    Welcome to the Croatan National Forest, one of four National Forests in North Carolina and the only true coastal forest in the East. The Croatan National Forest's 160, 000 acres have pine forests, saltwater estuaries, bogs and raised swamps called pocosins. Bordered on three sides by tidal rivers and the Bogue Sound, the forest is defined by water.

    All this water provides a variety of recreation and diversity of wildlife- from deer, black bears and turkeys to wading birds, ospreys and alligators. Canoeing and fishing are popular on blackwater creeks and saltwater marshes. The Croatan is also home to the carnivorous Venus fly-trap, sunder and pitcherplant.

    The Croatan National Forest has one Ranger District, the Croatan Ranger District. Please contact the District for more information.