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Atv Riding / August 17, 2016

orlando car rental codesRevolution The Off Road Experience - Ride The Road Less Travelled

Revolution The Off Road Experience is located at 4000 State Road 33, Clermont, Florida 34714. Situated in the city of Clermont, just west of Orlando and about 15 miles from Walt Disney World. This one of a kind outdoor adventure park sprawls across 220 acres.

Arrive at the gateway near the cow pasture and drive down the country lane into some intense fun. The surroundings are tranquil and pristine; peer out over the property to catch a glimpse as awe-inspiring Bald Eagles soar above. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the down-home hospitality is the real McCoy. Staffers are very professional and first-class instructors.

As part of the programs, there is a safety orientation and a riding course. The motto at Revolution The Off Road Experience is "Number one is safety, number two is fun." Expert instructors teach safety rules, communication signals and vehicle operations. Riding off road vehicles is an exciting thrilling activity. However, safety and ride responsible guidelines are more important than anything else and are for the riders' advantage. Always stay on course.

Respect conservation postings and barriers; do not enter wildlife protected habitat. Maintain a proper distance from the rider in front of you, no speed racers, and no extreme stunts. Instructors demonstrate and explain each hand signals to convey stay, stop, slow down, speed up and turns. After the briefings, you sign a release form and head on over to gear up in protective clothing. They issues you a hair net, helmet, googles and fitting gloves.

The instructor teaches you everything you need to know about operating and maneuvering an ATV (Yamaha Grizzly). He shows you how to start it up, then goes over the different functions and features; thumb peddle, front and rear brakes, shifting mechanism. Mount the ATV, get comfortable and familiar before you gently proceed out of the staging area for a practice session of stop and go repetitions, weaving between cones and executing various moves.

The guide leads the group away from the practice pits and onto the ATV trail for an impressive hour long ride. The ATV trail is purpose-built to accommodate riders with a custom designed course like no other.
As you travel along, under piney wood tree branches draped in Spanish moss, at a conservative pace through this multi-terrain challenge, you realize all the hype is true. "This is the best fun packed joy ride on earth, and why haven't you done it before?"
The impressive Grizzly is a power strong vehicle. It moves with overwhelming strength to meet every twist, turn and corner through mud puddles and ditches like a champ.