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Atv Riding / May 14, 2019

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This package includes a Horseback and an ATV ride, a choice of 2 one and a half hour Hawaiian Experience Tours and a buffet lunch. Activity choices: (choose 2) Ocean Voyaging (Ocean Voyaging tour not More Info / Buy Now $84.95 - $129.95

Choose between a one or two hour ATV ride and access to the park. See Kualoa Ranch up close and personal, driving your own ATV on trails deep into the scenic valleys and to remote areas rarely visited More Info / Buy Now 9.95 - 9.95

ATV And Off-Road ToursThis tour includes Horseback, ATV OR a Zipline, see the beauty of Kualoa Ranch from the back of a Horse or ATV. Legends and Legacy 20-minute storytelling tram tour that journey's from the foothills More Info / Buy Now

Video Transcript

This brief video segment is going to be about ATV rides on the island of Oahu. It's brief because at this point in time, we only have actually one company that does ATV rides here. Hopefully by the time you're listening to this video, there will be another one, but at this moment in time, the only one we have is at a place called Kualoa Ranch. That can be found over, this is Oahu.Deluxe Adventure Pkg Full Day Most of our visitors stay in either Honolulu or Waikiki, this area. But where you'll be going is up here to a beautiful, beautiful valley called Kualoa, Kualoa Ranch. And this valley that you're going to be seeing is one that maybe familiar to you when you first glimpse it, because it has been the backdrop for many, many, many Hollywood movies, and TV shows and productions that you've seen in the past. So it's one of these gorgeous places to be. And going up on the floor of the valley is where we have these ATVs. And it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places that you could ride an ATV on this incredible terrain.ATV Tour So anyway, that's the story for ATVs on Oahu. At this point in time, it's Kualoa Ranch.

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Hawaii ATV tours are exciting and they are a popular choice among all the Hawaii adventure tours! ATV tours on Hawaii are not considered particularly new as a category of activity but they did come out of obscurity in one instant in the 1990's and then spread like wildfire to all the major islands of Hawaii.


The island of Kauai provides a number of options for ATV rides which traverse some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere to be found. This Kauai activity is among the most popular and is a great way to see the backcountry.


In the past All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) were a popular way to get around on Maui, either on or off the road. These days the traffic laws do not permit ATV's to be ridden on the roads or highways and access to many private off road areas is limited.


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