Amphibious Sherp ATV s big wheels keep on turning, no matter the

Amphibious ATV Tires

Atv Tires / February 25, 2019

You were proud of your all-terrain quad bike until you ran smack into a bog and got stuck. If you want a true all-terrain vehicle, then you should start looking at Argo ATVs. Argo manufactures 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious vehicles and even has a lunar vehicle for the Canadian Space Agency. These ATVs can romp through fields, ride over rocky grounds, and swim through rivers. Whether you want an eight-wheeler or its six-wheeled stable mate, Argo vehicles offer an all-wheel drive system. The triple differential steering transmits equal torques to all 25-inch Argo tires, therefore, allowing them to maneuver easily on any terrain. You can also outfit these tires with a track to protect them from sharp rocks. To prevent these ATVs from bottoming out and getting stuck, Argo gives them high ground clearance and protective skid plates. Even then, Argo ATVs remain stable while rolling along at their top speeds thanks to low centers of gravity, high traction, and wide wheelbases. You can find this all-terrain heavy-duty hauler as well as Argo parts through the large inventory of ATVs on eBay.