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3 Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

Atv Riding / May 23, 2018

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If you think that riding an ATV and going for a spin is not harder than taking your car for a ride, you are making a mistake. Even though both vehicles are 4-wheeled, riding an ATV is actually much harder, especially if you are a beginner.

There are a lot of things that make ATV ride differ from a common car-ride experience. It may sound a little bit weird, but there are even some hair products for men help protect hair during ride on ATV. As you see, there are plenty things you have to learn before you start. But the first thing is to avoid making these 3 common mistakes:

1. 'I Feel Safe' Factor vs Nerf Bars

After riding a quad, most of the beginners get caught by 'I feel safe' factor that can result in serious injury. Remember that even when you feel safe, you have to make sure that you have nerf bars instead of traditional foot pegs. The thing is that traditional pegs will let you slip, while nerf bars allow you to stabilize your feet and get maximum control over the ATV.

2. Rolling Over

Although ATV does not look like a light-weight vehicle, it is actually fairly easy to roll it over. You have to believe that when such situation happens, you do not want to be on the bottom to get pinned by such a UFC Champ. That is why avoid looping out, sliding around in mud or other slick conditions and trying to conquer any steep slopes.

3. False Sense of Security

Unfortunately, most of the beginners have a false sense of security until it results in a serious injury. To avoid such situations, note that jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers will not protect you. You have to understand that riding a 4-wheeled machine that does not have seatbelts means that you need a helmet, goggles, gloves and ATV riding boots

at a minimum.